Type of machines

078 – 082

078 – 082

Fully automatic strapping machine, designed for vertical strapping of pallet load by means of thermo-welding polypropylene or polyester strap.

A very sturdy frame in electrowelded steel profile, supports all the parts which forms the strapping machine:

Head (our international feeding patent) which automatically carries out the feeding, recovery, tensioning, welding and cutting operations.

Arch strap track made in special material with and independent multiple sector opening device, which guarantees a very good centering of the strap around the load during the strapping operation.

Strapping head is lowering till it feel the load, then the strapping cycle is automatically activated by a sensor.

The group is complete with a pressing plate having an adjustable strength of Kg 2000.

Strapping machine feeding unit with automatic recovery of not used strap. Strap holder with anti-tear strapping device.

Desk electric panel PLC controlled for the automatic and manual operations of the machine.

The whole machine is equipped with all (electric and pneumatic) components and it is painted all over.

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