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November 20, 2018


The international exhibition for the packaging and logistics ecosystem.

From raw materials to intralogistics without forgetting the end of line, the packaging universe is a global, innovative and totally connected production chain.

A continuously evolving sector, supported by the opportunities offered by the 4.0 industry and by the new needs of the btoc and btob multi-channel commerce.

ALL4PACK Paris offers a complete range of solutions (Packaging + Processing + Printing + Logistics) that perfectly respond to the market integration strategy and that highlight all the strengths of innovation of the packaging ecosystem: raw materials, process, packing, packaging and marking-coding machines, packaging and containers, printing of packaging and labels, and secondary, tertiary and shipping packaging machines.

ALL4PACK Paris will take place at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition district from November 26th to the 29th, 2018 and it will bring together 87,000 operators in this sector for 4 days of innovation, comparisons, demonstrations, and presentations.

This international trade fair will bring together decision-makers from the supply chain and from other industrial sectors: agro-food, beverages and liquids, cosmetics/beauty/hygiene, health/ pharmacy, distribution, e-commerce, consumer and industrial goods.

After a few years, OMS Group will participate in this event once again presenting a new machine model: its IS44 hooding machine!

Thanks to an accurate design and the adoption of new mechanical/technological concepts, the new IS44 model is the ideal solution to maximize productivity, minimize downtime and respect the environment!

You will find us in Hall 6 – stand E151 where we will be happy to meet you and satisfy your every need as well as illustrate to you all our latest innovations!


For more information about the event:

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AVR900 + ADV system
July 17, 2018

AVR900 + ADV system

AVR900 is an automatic rotating ring wrapping machine.

Is it suitable for all applications where high production rates are required especially in the beverage sector so it can be easily inserted into packaging lines.

The rotating ring designed without sliding electrical contacts guarantees: less maintenance, reduced electrical consumption, drastic reduction of overheating and risks of electric shock consequently a greater overall safety of the machine.

This model can be equipped with one or two pre-stretch reels of film and allows the wrapping cycle to be started and stopped at any palletized load height. Rotation takes place by means of a high-strength belt whose speed is adjustable directly from the operator panel.

At the end of cycle the film is not heat-sealed (thus avoiding emission of harmful fumes) but through a system patented by “OMS” where the queue of film is positioned under the previous wrap to ensure a perfect finish.

Another system developed and patented is the pre-stretching carriage: it guarantees a stretching ratio of film up to 300%, without the use of additional motor or electrical contacts.

This results in greater reliability of packaging, load stability, reduced film consumption and maintenance.

AVR900 can be equipped with top-sheet device which allows the wrap of pallet dust or water proof ensuring a complete packaging on five sides.

OMS has also developed a fundamental and useful accessory for all companies wishing to put their brand on the packaged product; this option is integrated into a special reel holder unit where roll of advertising band is positioned. Results a saving of time for the application and protection of its own brand within the same packaging.

The advertising band can be applied at any point of the packaging thanks to a special ring vertical reading system, programmable according to required height.

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Pallet less systems
July 17, 2018

Pallet less systems

The core of the pallet less system of OMS is the SEW-Eurodrive technology, a German multinational, one of the world leaders in industrial automation. Many of the components installed in the WHO machines are supplied by the company born in northern Germany more than eighty-five years ago.

This technology is for example present in the pallet less lines of OMS. These are modular and adaptable packaging plants, capable of producing stable packaging without the support of the wooden pallet without doubt one the major cost of the packing.

The constant partnership that unites OMS and SEW offers the possibility to develop end-of-line packaging solutions that are extremely effective and innovative thanks to the adoption of cutting-edge components. The SEW parts used have a key role both in the packaging phase and in the handling phase, guaranteeing high productivity cycles.

Regarding the first phase, the line uses DRL asynchronous servo geared motors controlled by MOVIDRIVE technology that allow to contain typologies and costs while guaranteeing performances similar to those of servo motors.

Instead, movement is carried out by means of motorized roller conveyors and involves the use of gear motor with decentralized MOVIMOT technology, which make it possible to drastically reduce the start-up and wiring times and the size reduction of the electrical panels.

The communication of the pallet line less OMS is managed using an Ethernet bus directly integrated on the components used; this allows a rapid data transmission, a simplified wiring and a the possibility to analyze the operating data remotely.

The reliability and the experience of SEW components, expressly requested for pallets less plants always operating in extreme conditions (high temperatures, highly dusty, humidity and relative condensation cause high temperature changes), have played a decisive role in the selection as supplier of OMS, thanks to ad hoc application packages, especially in the application field of packaging.

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